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18 January 2010 @ 09:14 am
My Mom Once Said ......  
...she would rather I get a tattoo than facial piercings. Heh. Well, I have news - I got a tattoo. My first one.
See, now here's the reason mom said she'd prefer I get a tattoo "At least you're not likely to get a visible one."
Reaaaallly now? Say what? Haha. Yeah, does mom not know me?
I mean this is a woman who, on the rare ocasion she buys me jewelry, she buys me gold. I hate gold. Always have, always will. I like silver, platinum, white gold and palladium. And titanium too. Not gold. I always wear silver jewelry, used to wear oodles of it all the time. And everytime I remind her "Mom, I don't like gold" she is always surprised. You'd think after knowing me for 20some years, she'd remember, right?
Well, you'd also think she'd realize that if I lean towards highly visibile facial piercings, I'd also lean towards visible tattoos too right? Nope. I'm working on getting a 3/4 sleeve, but you know most 3/4 sleeves start from the shoulder and end somewhere mid-forearm, right? Right. Not mine! Starts under the knuckles will end just under or slightly above my elbow. Yeaaah. Hee! I am amused. Heh. Very amused. I told her last night "So mom, I designed a tattoo, and the guys at Tattoo Stone really like it..... it'll cost 100e."
"Oh that's nice, but you know that that's 100e less you'll have when you come back to the States, right?"
I didn't tell'er I'd already gotten the first section done. If my finances look okay in the next week, week and a half, I'll get the next part done. They'll probably charge me less cuz it'll be my second visit, and Jose (the dude who did the first piece) really loved my design. He asked me "Wow, did you get this from a website? And, I thought you wanted freehand flowers?"
"No, I wanted some curli-cues, that's what I was tryin' to show with the picki I'd taken from the 'net, but nope. I did this all by meself..."
"Wow, wow this is great, I love it - hey Criss, knock off 50e from the original quote, okay?"
So, rather than it being 150e (over 200usd) I got it for 100e, and they took really, really good care of me. I had a mild little fade out, not from pain exactly, but I got woozy and such after looking at it (it wasn't bloody either though.... weird huh?) when he was 1/3 of the way finished. And they got me all nice and cooled off, put me up on a tattooing bed thingy, feet elevated, head down, and whatnot. They're so sweet there, I love them. And yeah, it hurt, but not like I thought it would. And I could tell he was goin' really gentle on me too. That's very important - the manner of the artist, the calmness of the artist, the cleanliness of the studio, and their attention to your condition as they're working on you. I'm so glad I went. Going on Thursday for them to check on it, see how it's healing etc, and do any necessary touchup if needed. I may ask if they can add an extra dont underneath my pinky-knuckle. Currently my compter's defragmenting, so I can't upload pickies yet, but I will.
Man, mom's gonna be so shocked when she sees me..... Heh.
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Leila: trent: shoutexacerbating on January 18th, 2010 04:14 pm (UTC)
TATTOO! <3 I am so looking forward to seeing it!
1smut_princess1smut_princess on January 18th, 2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
And also - awesome news! I lost like, 32 pounds since I've been in Spain! WHOOHOO! *bouncies around*
Leila: trent: looking hotexacerbating on January 19th, 2010 03:30 pm (UTC)
Congrats on losing weight! <3 And I think your tattoo is awesome. =D Very fucking cool.