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23 June 2011 @ 03:33 pm
The Oddest Wakeup  
I awoke writing a blog entry. Not physically mind you, but when I opened my eyes, a stream of words were scrolling past my brain, and then when I got up (just now) to go and try and write it down. Gone. Odd. It never flees quite so fast when it's a story as if it is random mumbling and musings.

However, I do remember this gist:

Coconut M&M's are awesome. Particularly when you've got a coconut mocha latte from Starfucks in your other hand. I think I shall call around my local Starfucks stores and see if anyone will sell me a bottle of the syrup, as the coffee is foul. Or at least far fouler than what I normally drink...MmmCaboclo...how I love the. Of all coffees there is only the torrefacto style Spanish beans that are above you. I would have coffee babies with both of you...

Also, I think I was ordering my cat Scarlet to go make me a pot of tea. In spite of her dearth of opposable thumbs. Always with that excuse, I wish she'd come up with something new.

On the writing front.

Vargen is being a perv. Which, I suppose is natural. But really, he's not supposed to keep noticing that Rhiamon has a nice ass. Really, he shouldn't. But he keeps on doin' so.

Zalbiyiah keeps acting like ri is male instead of both and neither. I think that has to do with Bahthin's presence. But, whatever. These four will eventually shape up. I'll make them.

Janni has just poked fun at the fact that I fuck with time like I fuck with people's minds: hard and dirty. And I just broke a nail. Ow.

Personal vow of the day: I will pack three boxes, empty out the fridge, and do another load of laundry. And clean the kitty box.

Reward: Two hours to devote to writing. And a coffee. With coconut syrup.
Leila: trent: looking hotexacerbating on June 26th, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
I like your reward to yourself. <3 Cofffffffffeeeeeeeee.
1smut_princess1smut_princess on June 27th, 2011 06:27 am (UTC)
YOU! HOW IS YOU?! *megaglomp*

But yes, the coffee was had, and it was... Well, I'd say "good", but it's Starbucks, so... the coffee substance itself was... meh. However the coconut syrup on the otherhand... I think if I ever had a coconut mocha latte but made with torrefacto style beans...my head would esplode-y all over the place from the awesome. Either that or it'd be like one of those instances where you think "hey, these two individual things are awesome, so, I bet if I put them together they'll be even more awesome" but then when you do it, the math for some reason didn't work out, and the awesomes negated each other and left you with a smoldering pile of dog shit.